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2023! We are coming! The new year started construction.

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2023! We are coming! The new year started construction.

(Summary description)The new year started construction.

2023! We are coming! The new year started construction.

(Summary description)The new year started construction.

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On January 27, 2023, Mr. Tong Fenfei, chairman of Jingde Company, presided over the first employee meeting of the year to welcome employees to return to work after the Spring Festival.


The leaders of the company sent Chinese New Year wishes to everyone, thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication in the past, further publicized the spirit of the company's 2023 work conference, and put forward specific requirements for the implementation of annual goals, tasks and key work deployments.

In the new year, all cadres and employees should continue to carry forward the spirit of enterprise, benchmark international counterparts, adhere to the importance of talents, emphasize loyalty, be determined to reform and innovate, forge a high-quality "red iron army" composed of scientific and technological surprise soldiers, marketing elite soldiers, management elite soldiers, and security sentinels who dare to fight and win and achieve outstanding results, fight the marketing blitzkrieg war of annihilation and scientific and technological innovation protracted battle, promote the company's development to achieve effective quality improvement and quantitative breakthrough growth, and fully complete the annual task goals. Contribute to the construction of a first-class beer equipment manufacturing enterprise!



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