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Advantages and Types of Homebrewing Equipment

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Advantages and Types of Homebrewing Equipment

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Advantages and Types of Homebrewing Equipment

(Summary description)


Home-brewed beer refers to beer that you brew yourself using microbrewery equipment. It is called home-brewed beer because it is hand-brewed by yourself, not industrial mass-produced beer, and it is made in a completely different way to beer produced by some large breweries.

Homebrewing equipment consists of the following systems:
1、 Malt crushing system
2. Saccharification, boiling and filtration systems
3. Fermentation system
4. Temperature control system
5. Cooling system
6、 CIP in-situ automatic cleaning system

Classification of beer filling machines:

The first classification is the pressure filling machine: this kind of filling equipment can be divided into two kinds, one is the pressure inside the reservoir cylinder and the pressure inside the bottle is exactly the same. It simply relies on the liquid flowing into the bottle itself. The second type is that the pressure inside the reservoir is higher than the pressure inside the bottle, which relies on the pressure difference to allow the liquid to flow into the bottle.
The second type of filling machine is the oil filling machine, which, as the name suggests, is filling oil-based foods. For example, edible oil, lubricating oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, and so on. The advantage of this type of filling machine is that it does not need to be operated by a person, it can all be operated by a machine, and there are no operational errors.

First of all if you have homebrewing equipment you can open a brewery, not only can you make money you can also drink cold beer in summer and warm beer in winter, isn't it perfect. And you can also offer different flavours of beer to everyone, and you can also offer nutritious and fresh beer to consumers... all in all it is very good.
The second advantage is that if you brew your own beer, it will suit your taste and you can also brew many kinds of beer, such as barley, rye and so on. It's also easier to adjust your own beer if you like it heavier or lighter, which is very convenient.

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