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Wanna make small craft beer hotel?

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Wanna make small craft beer hotel?

(Summary description)Craft beer,As a new outcome is getting more flourishing in China, but nobody care it before 6 years ago, 3 years ago,only 200-300 people do that,but now, things are getting changed, more and more peop

Wanna make small craft beer hotel?

(Summary description)Craft beer,As a new outcome is getting more flourishing in China, but nobody care it before 6 years ago, 3 years ago,only 200-300 people do that,but now, things are getting changed, more and more peop

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Craft beer,As a new outcome is getting more flourishing in China, but nobody care it before 6 years ago, 3 years ago,only 200-300 people do that,but now, things are getting changed, more and more people like to join the ranks of making craft beer brewing. At the very first time,Many enthusiasts on this, both of them have an overseas living experience,more people are caring and joining the craft beer brewing, course their Consumer awareness and consumer level rising.
Craft beer is still in the nascent stage, some focus on the homemade brewing, some like to make money from it, then they preferably to choose the big scale one, no mater which one, the quality of the craft beer is depends on the equipment, raw material and brewing techniques, so choose the reliable craft beer equipment is the key to make the qualified beer and wine. Each person has his own opinion and thinking on choosing equipment, also has his own requirements, there are many domestic manufactures in China, some of them are special manufactures, some aren’t, we suggest that we’d better to choose the professional manufacture, through their Factory strength, credit and price-quality ratio.
Factory strength manifest in design ability, product capacity and service level. You’d better find a professional beer making supplier who has a better service, if you don’t know how to brew.course not only the equipment is necessary, but also the techniques and support they offered.after equipment installed, the good supplier will teach you how to brew beer with all their heart and all their might. Even extra service can be met after that. When you know how to brew, and know the equipment, find a reliable enterprise then that can meet all you demand, even you can install it and brew all by yourself.
Purchasing experience:never be confused by the lower price, that’s not always mean that more better equipment, more higher price. the basic principal of all all beer equipment are same, just few function devices are different, some designing reasonable, higher automatic, saving time and labor, beer quality steady, but other conditions always exists, some equipment different from the former, for reducing the costs, use inferior materials and turn out substandard goods, brewing procedure becomes complicated, waste time and labor, let alone the beer quality. So the material of the equipment, craftsmanship and complete function determine the quality of the equipment. In addition, purchasing power is also a important factor, after all the beer quality can be controlled and easy to adjust if you choose a higher grade equipment, the liner pot must use stainless steel 304, absolutely don’t use 201, otherwise, you’ll be in trouble within half a year.
If you don’t know how to brew, you’d better find a manufacture who can not only offer you an easy and practical equipment with a good service. But also can keep the reputation and consider the quality as well, so, Suit yourself, remember care about the price-cost ratio, based on quality guarantee, compare the configuration, same configuration, compare the price, both of them are same, compare the production techniques, above all, more choices can make a better choose.
We have concluded some common question and advice you should consider while you are choosing a beer equipment.
Internal and external of the equipment
Generally, all tanks are made by using stainless steel 304 or above this,and will be the best if polish them reach up to 0.4UM at least,all internal steel must use stainless steel 304 or above, then, polish them reach up to 0.4UM at least, the external can use 400 or 200 series stainless steel, if the inner tank, pipes, and external are without internal polishing and use 400 or 200 series stainless steel, they are average quality, if all these with/without polishing and use 400 or 200 series stainless steel, they’re the worst.
Valve and pipe fitting
Generally they’re food grade SUS304, if they were 201, the price will be lower 7 times.
Thermal Insulation Material
Fermentation tank usually made by polyurethane, only thickness 80mm at least could make sure that keep 3 time difference in temperature.
4. Welding process
The best welding: laser double-sided welding at the same time (the world is not on the food equipment to do, only medical equipment) artificial argon arc welding at the same time welding, the current manufacturers have the ability to achieve. Artificial argon arc welding single-sided welding, saving artificial 50%. Welding, rough welding. Now we can conclude: low-cost cost = low-quality materials + low-quality processing is indeed selling in the market, many of this level of goods. Reducing costs is the requirement of each factory and the requirements of the purchaser. But if it is too low, you may be because of cheap, fall into the price trap pit.
5. Advantages and disadvantages of electric heating and steam heating.
This mainly depends on the saccharification pot and the economic aspects to consider. In general, 100 to 1000 liters per batch of saccharification can choose to electric heating, in which case the efficiency of electric heating can still guarantee the heating rate. And the opposite 100-1000 liters of the election boiler, the cost will be higher than the cost of adding an electric heater alone. But if it is more than 2000 liters per batch, then the cost of electric heaters may not be lower than the cost of the boiler, and heating efficiency has been unable to meet the needs of the process. This can only be selected for boiler heating or saturated steam heating.
6. Big brewery has three pots and two slots, and our brewing equipment is a single saccharification
Because the production of industrial beer and fine brew is still different, industrialization will use accessories, so be sure to have a more paste the pot. We do not need to add rice rice accessories, so do not need to paste the pot, our saccharification tank points up and down two layers, the lower saccharification, boiling, swirling, the upper filter, easy to operate, equipment covers an area of small, most of the Pub is in the downtown, space is limited, for customers to save space.
7. Does the filter tank have a heating function?
This is in my opinion is not needed. In the filtration process only need to do a good job to ensure that the filter process, the temperature will not drop too much so that the bad layer can become tight.
8. Do you need three-phase equipment?
500 liters of saccharification and above the saccharification tank needs three-phase electricity, there is no three-phase electric places can also use 300 liters of saccharification equipment. Fermentors do not need to use three-phase electricity.
9. What are the brewing equipment?
The wearing parts mainly refer to the seal
10. When the saccharification, heating and stirring to do with it?
This should be based on the process. Generally do the temperature is to open the stir, so the temperature will be more rapid and uniform.
Finally, hope that more people involved in the brewing beer industry, after all, the prospects are relatively broad. At the same time also wish you to buy quality assurance, the right price of brewing beer equipment, brewing a good beer, and jointly promote the Chinese brewed beer culture.
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