Plum wine making equipment

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Plum wine making equipment

Eliminate fatigue: plum is rich in natural minerals and vitamins ingredients that can promote the body's metabolism, helps to eliminate fatigue......
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The plum containing special ingredients, so plum wine has many effects on human health:

--Eliminate fatigue: plum is rich in natural minerals and vitamins ingredients that can promote the body's metabolism, helps to eliminate fatigue.

--Improve the alkalescent constitution: Plum contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, sodium and other minerals. It can not only neutralize the acidity of the blood, body fluids to maintain alkaline balance, but also can prevent a variety of diseases.

--Sterilization: Plum organic acids has a bactericidal effect, can inhibit bacterial growth, improve intestinal bactericidal effect, can be anti-inflammatory, diarrhea.

--Stimulate saliva production: Plum rich in organic acid, can promote the secretion of saliva. Saliva can help digestion, increase appetite. Plum wine to drink before meals is the reason. In addition to the salivary glands secrete saliva, but also can secrete saliva country hormone from a larger parotid gland, a lot of this hormone. Saliva salivary gland hormone can promote cell metabolism, prevent cell aging.

In addition, the plum can also promote the metabolism of the hormy layer of the skin, prevent wrinkles and spots appear. Therefore, is it called "youth" hormone. It has also been proven to promote calcification of bones and teeth. As well as the promotion of the surrounding hard tissue growth.

Because salivary gland secretion of hormones after the age of 20 decreased, therefore, you can by means of plum dry and plum wine to promote the secretion of salivary gland hormones. With plum wine instead of sleeping pills can help to fall sleep quickly.


Plum wine making equipment

making machine
wine making equipment
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