1000L beer brewing equipment

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1000L beer brewing equipment

1000L beer brewing equipment is widely used in restaurant, micro brewery plant, Space needed is about 80m2.
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1000L beer brewing equipment is widely used in restaurant, micro brewery plant, Space needed is about 80m2.


The details as below:

Milling System


Malt Miller 300-500kgs; We also can provide grains transport machine and hopper.


Mash System


For brewhouse, we have two body two vessels, two body three vessels, three body three vessels for your choose.

For example two body two vessels:

1)--Mash/Lauter tun

-Installed rakers and false buttom for grains separation;

-Step heating can be achieved automatically

2)--Brew kettle/whirlpool tank

-Usage: wort boiling and whirlpool

-Heating: electricity, direct fire heating or steam heating

-Top domed manway door/glass manway door ø 400mm

-PT100, connected to the controller for automatic temperature controlling

-Wort pump:food grade sanitary and high efficiency wort pump

-Wort cooling: Two stages or single stage Plate heat exchanger

-360°spray ball cleaning with high efficiency

-Heat exchanger, SS for inter and outernal

-All necessary pipings, pipes and fittings


Fermenting System-Glycol cooling jacket beer fermenting tanks


-Capacity: can be 10hl/20hl

-Usage: fermentation, maturation and storage

-Top domed with conical bottom

-Material: SUS 304, inner thickness 3mm, outer thickness2.0mm, Insulation: PU80mm

-Top manway/side manway 330*430mm

-Cone bottom, 60 degree

-Pressure gauge, Safety/vacuum valve

-Cooling jackets on both cylinder and cone

-Thermowell, 8mm

-Temperature sensor, PT100

-Wort piping and butterfly valves, ø32mm

-Drainage piping and butterfly valve, ø38mm

-SS legs and feet with adjustable bolts

-Inside 360 rotating CIP ball

-Working pressure: 0.15Mpa, Testing pressure: 0.3Mpa

-Carbonation stone (optional)

-Dry hops port (optional)

-Rotating Racking arm (optional)


Cooling system


Glycol water tank

-Material: Inside wall, SUS 304, 3mm, outside wall, SUS 304, 2.0mm, Insulation, PU, 80mm

-Temperature sensor, Model: PT100

Chiller/Cooling compressor

1-Wall-mounted conditioner

2-Capacity: 3-5hp according to the capacities

3-Refrigerant: R404A


CIP system


-Capacity: 50-100L

-Water pump, 5t/h

-Portable pump optional


Controlling System


1 -Brewhouse temp. and time setting/controlling, motors/pumps on /off

2 -Fermenting temp. setting and controlling

3 -Cooling temp. setting and controlling

4 -All pump, agitators control

5-All themocouple, solenoid valves control


1000L beer brewing equipment

beer brewing
beer equipment
1000L brewing
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